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Announce Date [Date of Effective Change] Buyer/ Seller Name [Type*] S/ W/ U ** Bought/ (Sold) ('000) Price ($) After Trade Note
No. of Shares ('000) *** % Held ***
Lim Tet Chen Roy [SSH] S/U 35,893  - 35,923 11.02 Note
Issue of Consideration Shares by Asian Healthcare Specialists Limited ("AHS") as announced on 28 November 2018 pursuant to the completion of the acquisition of Asian Anaesthesia Care Pte. Ltd. by AHS. Amount of consideration paid or received by Substantial Shareholder/Unitholder (excluding brokerage and stamp duties): S$10,050,000 Immediately after the transaction
No. of ordinary voting shares/units held: 35922857 (Direct Interest); 0 (Deemed Interest) As a percentage of total no. of ordinary voting shares/units: 11.02000000 (Direct Interest); 0.00000000 (Deemed Interest)
The percentage interests before the change were calculated based on 290,000,000 Shares and the percentage interests after the change were calculated based on 325,892,857 Shares upon the issue of the Consideration Shares as announced on 28 November 2018. Any discrepancies in the percentages listed and totals thereof are due to rounding.
* DIR - Director (include Directors of related companies)
SSH - Substantial Shareholder
COY - Company Share Buyback
TMRP - Trustee-Manager/Responsible Person
** S - Shares
W - Warrants
U - Units
R - Rights
*** Direct & Deemed Interests


  1. Only trades by directors, substantial shareholders and company share buy back are included in Insider Trades.

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